About Us

BlankClothing.ca is an online Canadian distributor of blank promotional apparel, designed specifically for printing and embroidery applications. Do you have a business, league, team, school or organization that needs Blanks Clothing with your logo on it?  We can ship the blank clothing to you or drop ship them to the decorator of your choice! All you have to do is go online and place your order!

BlankClothing.ca offers quality outerwear, athletic clothing, workwear, uniforms, sweatshirts, polo shirts, accessories and more! The more you purchase the more you save with bulk discounts. With no minimums and no account required, simply go online and place your order today!

Mission Statement

At BlankClothing.ca, our mission is to provide top-quality, versatile blank apparel that serves as the perfect foundation for personal and professional expression. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value, variety, and customer service, ensuring every piece of clothing meets our rigorous standards of quality and comfort. Our goal is to empower individuals, teams, and businesses to create unique and impactful statements through customizable clothing, fostering creativity and confidence in every design.

BlankClothing.ca operates under the parent company Checkpoint1 Apparel Corp. Visit our parent site to view all our brands and products.

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